Since its introduction, Washington born and bred Everlast has sent ripples all over the cannabis industry for its copious amounts of THC. But, that is not all. As its name suggests, the strain has an everlasting psychedelic effect that can stun users for hours even after the .last hit.

The herb’s extreme THC levels come as no surprise, especially when one factors in its premium lineage. From and Northern Lights #5, it gained its largely Indica structure and physically relaxing buzz. Meanwhile, its clear-headed high is the result of adding the exotic Sativa-dominant herb White Widow. All three, incidentally, are considered to be some of the world’s most potent strains.

Everlast’s great reputation among recreational users is undeniable. Furthermore, its ability to appease multiple mental and physical discomfort with its uplifting high raises its value to the medical community.

Information about Everlast:

ORIGIN Warlock, White Widow, Northern Lights #5
EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Sleepy – 10
Happy – 9
Tingly – 9
Euphoric – 2
FRAGRANCE Earthy, pine, sweet, flowery
FLAVORS Sweet, buttery, herbal, spicy, pine
MEDICAL Stress – 10
Insomnia – 9
Pain – 9
Depression – 1
Inflammation – 1
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORS Late September to early October
THC CONTENT % 18% to 28%
INDICA / SATIVA % 80%/20%
INDOOR YIELD 8 to 12 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD 12 ounces or more per plant
CLIMATE Warm climate

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest


Everlast is arguably every thrill seeker’s dream. Measured at up to 28%, its THC levels are enough to devastate even the most experienced stoner. In spite of this, beginners may still dabble in the strain with the guided help of a seasoned friend.

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When used well within limits, the high starts with an intense cerebral onset. Right after the first hit, a tingling sensation clears the mind. As euphoria swarms the head, it lifts up spirits and leaves users feeling happy from within.

Everlast Effects

Everlast Effects – Image powered by Allbud.com

Meanwhile, the Indica traits begin to ebb down to the rest of the body. Barely noticeable, some users are often caught off guard once the full effects of the Indica begin to manifest. Enveloped in relaxation, a heaviness sneaks into the limbs. At this point, most people often feel lazy. But, if one were to overindulge, even the smallest of movements seems, or at least, feels impossible.

Overall, Everlast is the perfect bud to cap off the day. Its extremely relaxing buzz allows one to end the day on a happy note.


Apart from its potency, the scent of Everlast is just as intense with a pungent skunky aroma and sweet citric undertones of lemon. Once crushed, it releases the unmistakable woody scent of pine.


The earthy fragrance of wood and pine is evident in Everlast’s smoke as well as a hint of herbs. Its flavors can be intense, though, especially as the subtle taste of butter and cheese begin to reveal itself. On the exhale, the bud leaves a spicy diesel aftertaste in the mouth.

Adverse Reaction

Marijuana consumption almost always causes dehydration. Usually, it is felt in the eyes, the throat, or both. Quite possibly, some people may also feel dizzy or have a headache.

Everlast Adverse Reaction

Everlast Adverse Reaction – Image powered by Allbud.com


With regards to pharmacological value, Everlast can deliver a mentally uplifting high that many often use as a reprieve against stress. Also, the clear-headed cerebral high that comes with it could provide comfort to users with mental health conditions such as depression or PTSD by briefly removing toxic negativity.

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Apart from its mood-enhancing effects, Everlast comes with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties too. Backed by the excellence of its Indica genes, it is proven to have an uncanny knack in helping users manage their aches and pains. Meanwhile, the same soothing sensation also reduces swelling and redness.

Everlast Medical

Everlast Medical – Image powered by Weedy.com

As the high dwindles, many users feel undone by the intensity of the herb’s mental and physical high. Completely exhausted, many succumb to the sedative effects of the natural sleep aid; making it great for insomniacs and those with intermittent pangs of pain in need of complete rest.


Everlast is quite sturdy. And, this can be attributed to the excellent Indica leaning genes of its predecessors. Anything but finicky, the herb grows short with branches that are just as firm as its stalk. At maturity, the plant produces cone-shaped nugs with a sticky blanket of resin.

Though hardy, Everlast is not guaranteed to be an easy grow. One thing to note is that the plant does tend to be bushy and may need a bit of pruning. Be careful of accidentally cutting the sugar leaves though. While small in size, the coating of white trichomes is extremely valuable.

Flowering Time

Because of its Indica influence, Everlast is naturally stout and can fit in most indoor growing setups. It also flowers quick, averaging between 7 to 9 weeks. Once ready for harvest, each square meter produces up to 12 ounces of trichome drippings buds.

Under the expert care of seasoned growers, each plant can yield more than 12 ounces of buds before the third week of October.

Have you ever smoked or grown your own Everlast? Please let me know what you think about this marijuana strain in the comments below.


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