A first-of-its kind cannabis trade show to take place in Calgary

Alberta’s very own Calgary will host the first official cannabis trade show which is scheduled to happen on Thursday, November 22, 2018, from 9 am to 5 pm.

With the legalization of cannabis, all the things we always wanted are now more than possible. They are likely to happen if someone gives them a push.

One such thing is the trade show which is bound to happen in Calgary, AB, on Thursday, November 22, 2018, at the BMO Calgary Stampede Park.

This event is said to be one of the biggest cannabis events in Canada this year.

Already compared to the several unofficial gatherings and official events that already happened this year, the trade show is bound for greatness.

It is being held by none other than Lift, the online Canadian cannabis platform known for its hugely popular Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo.

The event is scheduled to be invite-only, however, you can also buy tickets for attendance.

This trade show will serve to boost the domestic profile of various producers and retailers, but also for better connecting with provincial distributors and such.

Visitors will learn what products are available to purchase through the AGLC, why those products may or may not be for them, and what are the stories behind their favorite brand.

Another big thing that will be on the agenda is the conversation between producers and shoppers.

You’ll be able to provide feedback on what customers are asking for and develop a relationship with the LPs in attendance.

Calgary, and Alberta in general, seem to be handling the legalization much better than other provinces.

Cannabis events across North America

Seeing how cannabis is quickly becoming legal in more states, new events are also bound to pop up.

One of the most popular cannabis events in America and the world is the famed High Times Cannabis Cup which happens yearly in a few cities across the states.

The 2019 Cannabis Conference in Las Vegas has already been scheduled for the April 1-3 2019 2019, and it’s supposed to be one of the bigger cannabis events in the US next year.

The Kushstock event happening in California is also growing rapidly and may threaten to take over the High Times Cannabis Cup at this rate in a few years.

The Emerald Cup, which happens on December 15th and 16th is said to be one of the biggest events dedicated to the concept of sustainable, outdoor farming.

Residents of the Toronto area will have an opportunity to visit the Cannabis Career Network happening on November 28th at the Pearson Convention Center.

This event will offer opportunities for locals to find work in the growing cannabis industry, and connect with diverse exhibitors featuring a vast number of jobs, training, and education.

On the other side of the country, the 2019 Vancouver Expo starts on January 11th and will last for 3 days. Friday will be dedicated for the industry experts, while the weekend is planned to be consumer-focused.

Visiting cannabis events should be of huge interest to those looking for a job in the cannabis sector. However, do not expect easy jobs to be handed to you, as most of the jobs being offered at these events constitute of manual labor, trimming plants and such.

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