How to Incorporate Cannabis in Your Halloween Celebrations

Halloween is finally here and that means plenty of “Hallo-weed” parties going down! Whether you’re looking for the perfect cannabis-inspired costume for the big event or some tasty party treats, we’ve got the scoop on how to make this year’s Halloween a marijuana-filled sensation to remember. No matter how you celebrate, remember to consume cannabis […]

The Top Cannabis Strains to Enjoy During the Fall Season

With an overpriced pumpkin-spiced latte in one hand, the crisp fall air encourages your first exhale to condense. You blow into your coffee to cool it and a whirlwind of steam and condensation twirl in the empty space above the hot liquid. Listening to non-migratory birds whistle, you might spot a scarecrow standing out over […]

420 Culture

11 Cannabis-Inspired Halloween Gift Ideas

My mom once told me a horror story. She and my dad were hiking one summer afternoon, their foreheads dripping sweat into their eyes. Each step up the side of the Porcupine Mountains was the lovable blend of hot, difficult, and rewarding. As they reached the summit of a peak, they looked out over the […]