What’s better for your health, cannabis or alcohol?

Alcohol is one of the most widely-used and recreational drugs in the world. The same thing can be said of cannabis, but there are a few huge differences between cannabis and alcohol- one of them being the level of social acceptance, and the other being its legality. But which one is better for your health? Researchers […]

The “Baked Beans” Disgusting Jellybean Challenge

Catch best friends Big Lach and Big Puffa playing Baked Beans! The rules are super easy- think of it like jellybean roulette. There are 10 different colours and 20 different flavours because each colour represents a great AND a disgusting flavour. It’s up to pure chance which one you get. You see that brown jellybean? If […]

Why CBD Might Not be Working For You

  Over the past few years, Cannabidiol (CBD) has become all the rage. Thanks to the vast amount of medicinal benefits created by the cannabinoid, people have been trying it in droves. For most people, they claim that it’s a miracle drug. However, a small sub-sect of people claim that CBD does little to nothing […]

Cannabis 101: Ingest Or Inhale

Do you live in a state where recreational cannabis is legal? Are you new to cannabis and unfamiliar with the ways you can extract its medical benefits or are just looking for an enjoyable high? One of the most important aspects of cannabis you must consider is how you’ll consume. There are two main means […]

Is There a Difference Between Ash Catchers and Pre-Coolers?

As a cannabis connoisseur, you’ve probably heard of both an ash-catcher and a precooler. On the surface they both look like the same thing, and most people (including myself) seem to use the two terms interchangeably. Is there a difference between an ash catcher and a pre-cooler? What is the difference (if there is any)? […]

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Police Threaten Seizure but Refuse Arrest Despite Obvious Breaking of Provincial Cannabis Act

CANNABIS CULTURE – On a day reserved to remember those who fought and died for freedom, Cannabis Culture founder Marc Emery took to the streets of Montreal in protest of Quebec’s Cannabis Regulation Act.  “I’m trying to get charged. Please call the authorities. There’s a menace on the loose promoting freedom of expression,” Marc joked. The police […]


Is CBD the New Drug of Choice for Moms?

Being a mom, dad, or anyone who spends a lot of time around small children, is hard work. Sometimes it requires a bit of extra help. By that I of course mean light medication. I’m not encouraging being inebriated around your children of course, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a little bit of an […]


Are Cannabis Drinks the Future of the Industry?

When you’re involved in a fast growing industry such as healthcare, tech, or cannabis, you will hear a lot of talk about how something is the future of the industry. For instance, last year people were saying that microdosing was the future of the cannabis industry. Earlier this year, CBD was the future of the […]

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Four-Colour Hysteria! Cannabis in Comic Books

CANNABIS CULTURE – If you were a comic book reader in the 1950s (and almost every young person was), you were told over and over that marijuana was a scourge that inevitably led to prison or worse. This was true whether you read superhero comics, romance comics, or crime comics. The theme was always the […]

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High Rollerz : Cannabis and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

CANNABIS CULTURE – For many of the biggest names in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, cannabis plays an important role in their cognitive and physical recovery process. Amateur and professional practitioners alike find benefits in cannabis that can help their jiu-jitsu creativity, longevity and decompression from hard rolls. As those who “roll” know, cannabis acts as an adviser […]


The Canadian Weed Experiment is Not Going Well

Canada legalized recreational weed 8 days ago, and already the country is having issues keeping up with the sudden increase in demand. By the second day both brick and mortar dispensaries and online retailers were reporting that they were selling out of product. Why is Canada running out of weed? Is the Canadian legal market […]


Why Your Leaves are Turning Yellow: Part 4

Today, we return to our series regarding the various reasons why the leaves on your cannabis plants might be turning yellow. We’ve already looked at causes such as over and under watering, bud rot, and nitrogen deficiencies. You could also have an infestation, or your pH might be off. What if it’s none of those? […]


The Complexities of Patent Cannabis

CANNABIS CULTURE – Cannabis is legal for recreational use in nine states, and is legal for medicinal use in another thirty states. In every other state, it is illegal. Now that it has some legal standing, there are going to be those who realize the monetary potential behind it, and may want to get a headstart […]


Screen of Green: Strawberry Kush and White Widow Edition

Screen of Green: Strawberry Kush and White Widow Edition June July August October November September Screen of green or more famous as “scrogging” is the process of putting plants under one screen in hopes of keeping them short yet bushy. It also involves tucking branches therefore bringing the lower part of the branches up. This […]

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Cannabis: the Ideal Paediatric Medicine?

CANNABIS CULTURE – I was rewatching the documentary The Scientist, which looks at how Raphael Mechoulam and his team discovered tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and the endocannabinoid system (ECS). At the 33:30 mark, there’s a section titled “Hashish for Children”.  To quote from the film: “INTERVIEWER: So in 1995, you had an idea of testing THC on […]


How Not to Buy Weed

What are you doing wrong when you’re buying weed? Chances are you might be doing more wrong than you think. Here’s how not to buy weed. Don’t Buy From People You Don’t Know You should never buy grass from people you don’t know and people you don’t trust. This is the number one rule when […]