Weed Tolerance Break: 7 Signs and 7 Tips You Need One

Stepping away from marijuana is vital at a certain point in the life of a regular smoker but taking that break can be quite challenging. This is especially true for those who have become best friends with cannabis products. Knowing why, when, and how to abstain from weeds for some time will help make the […]

9 Simple Steps on How to Grow Cannabis at Home

Are you interested in growing cannabis? Well, growing your own cannabis has several benefits. They include avoiding the instance of meeting shady characters along dark alleys to buy your supply, having the ability to grow your green stuff according to your expertise and finally, you will get to save money and not have to leave […]

Growing Marijuana Indoor Versus Growing Marijuana Outdoor

Medical marijuana has a wide array of applications, soothing everything from anxiety to chronic pain. Growing marijuana is one way to get the best quality cannabis medicine. In the past few years, the medical applications of cannabis have gained wider acceptance, and more and more people are looking towards pot as a natural solution for […]

CBD and Autism- Cannabidiol Can Help Those Who Have Autism

The neurodevelopmental disorder known as autism, affects the way people interact socially or communicate, both verbally and non-verbally. Autism research remains a developing field, with scientists still unsure what exactly causes it, and how it is best treated. Some are suggesting CBD oil could be an effective treatment for adults, and in very extreme cases, children […]

THC Lean: Cannabis Syrup Purple Drank

If you have paid attention to pop culture in the slightest bit, especially hip hop and rap , you have mostly heard the word lean. Sometimes called sizzurp, syrup or more often referred to as purple drank, some people will drink certain cough syrup (typically a codeine-based cough syrup) by itself or mixed with a […]

Best Way to Store Your Weed: How to Keep it Fresh

If you take a look at any cannabis website, you will most likely find a plethora of information regarding the substance itself and how it can be utilized to get you high or to provide you with specific medical benefits. One topic you may not see pop up as often, is weed storage. The truth […]

Can You Smoke Cannabis Resin?

Every smoker, at one point or the other, has smoked cannabis residue, even though many don’t like admitting it. It’s most common when a smoker runs out of bud and can’t get more almost immediately. So what happens next? You just decide to smoke the leftovers in your pipe, at least until you restock your […]