Will Pot-Friendly Beto O’Rourke Run for President?

EL PASO, Texas — Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke (D) lost his Senate race against Sen. Ted Cruz (R) on election day, but many are already talking about a presidential run for the pot-friendly congressman in 2020, according to the Dallas Observer. Congresswoman-elect Veronica Escobar (D), who will take over O’Rourke’s seat in the states’ 16th […]

CBD & medical marijuana have an uphill climb in Finland.

It’s concluded that CBD is a medicinal substance because CBD is contained in some medical products. With CBD and medical marijuana being the headlines across the world, it is only natural that Finland’s residents hoped to join the users. This is not to be the case. In Finland the only CBD product available is GW […]

10 Interesting Facts about Feminized Seeds by Sensi Seeds

Here are 10 interesting facts about cannabis seeds to share with your friends. Creating feminized versions of plant seeds did not originate with cannabis, but was a technique used in agriculture for many years before being adapted for cannabis in the 1980’s. There are several different methods of creating feminized cannabis seeds but they all […]

For the Love of the Plant – Part 2 By Frenchy Cannoli

My long relation with Cannabis was transformed from a love story to total dedication. My relationship with Hashish was at first a teenage love story, then it became the passion of a traveler and finally a dark secret to keep to blend into the “real” world and assume responsibilities for the first time of my […]

MJBizCon Puts on the Really Big Show

LAS VEGAS – Upon arrival at the Las Vegas Convention Center, you immediately sense excitement as you pass under a huge banner announcing you have arrived at MJBizCon, the biggest legal cannabis industry trade show in the U.S. B2B brands line the show floor offering anything and everything for growers, extractors, company executives, dispensary owners, […]

Marijuana Ballot Measures Pass in Three States as Midterm Elections Pave the Way for Progress in 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The 2018 midterm elections represent a major victory for marijuana policy reform advocates and the legal cannabis industry. Voters in Michigan approved a ballot measure Tuesday that will make cannabis legal and regulated for adults, making it the first Midwest state to legalize cannabis and setting the stage for regulated businesses to replace the illicit […]

ilo™ Vapor Sets Sights on Disrupting Multi-Billion Dollar Cannabis Industry with a Series of Products that have Reinvented Cannabis Vaporization

PORTLAND, OR – November 5, 2018 – ilo™ Vapor is preparing for the release of its line of pioneering technology-focused products. Founded in 2016, the company has spent two years quietly developing groundbreaking new solutions for cannabis consumption. Its patent-pending products are poised to overhaul the multi-billion-dollar cannabis industry, delivering an unparalleled vaporization experience. “We […]

Colorado Rancher Trades In Horses For Hemp

John Lyons, a famous Colorado rancher with a career that spans over forty years, looks to be trading in his saddle and entering the state’s growing marijuana market! After considering selling his seventy acre ranch and retiring, Lyons was introduced to the world of hemp and cannabis by potential buyers of his land. Soon enough […]

Joe Rogan Talks Marijuana Paranoia

Check out the below clip from the Joe Rogan Experience podcast where the one and only, Joe Rogan, talks with his latest guests a little about muay thai kickboxing, recent changes to MMA, as well as his love for smoking some marijuana! He and the show’s guests also discuss potentially using cannabis as treatment for pain […]

The Roll-Up #27: Gene Simmons Did Not Endorse This Podcast

This week: The Drug Policy Alliance’s new director drops by for a chat, a Canadian LP does not hire KISS, and hemp and hell both go under the microscope. The post The Roll-Up #27: Gene Simmons Did Not Endorse This Podcast appeared first on Leafly. Go to Source Author: Leafly Podcasts Puffin’ On Some Good […]