Cannabis Infused Royal Icing | Frost Like a Boss

This four-ingredient cannabis frosting is about to take your edible game to another level. When I started out baking edibles, the whole process was so intimidating. Not only is baking a challenge to begin with, but trying to get the right dose AND have it taste good felt nearly impossible. Then, I discovered something AWESOME […]

aurora elixirs

Products We Love: Aurora Elixirs CBD Seltzers

Is there anything more refreshing than a cool seltzer on a hot summer day? I’ve been reaching for fizzy stuff like crazy, so when I came across Aurora Elixirs (www.auroraelixirs.com) I was so tempted to try them out. Aurora Elixirs Branding I was first pulled in by their beautiful brand on Instagram — the Aurora Elixirs […]

What’s better for your health, cannabis or alcohol?

Alcohol is one of the most widely-used and recreational drugs in the world. The same thing can be said of cannabis, but there are a few huge differences between cannabis and alcohol- one of them being the level of social acceptance, and the other being its legality. But which one is better for your health? Researchers […]

The “Baked Beans” Disgusting Jellybean Challenge

Catch best friends Big Lach and Big Puffa playing Baked Beans! The rules are super easy- think of it like jellybean roulette. There are 10 different colours and 20 different flavours because each colour represents a great AND a disgusting flavour. It’s up to pure chance which one you get. You see that brown jellybean? If […]

Expert Joints LIVE on CLN – Viva Las Vegas

This week Craig is in Las Vegas covering MJBizCon with High Times, and brings you a special episode, featuring a number of dope guests. Click here to join the Chat Room during the show. Catch more from #ExpertJoints and #HighTimes here.   The post Expert Joints LIVE on CLN – Viva Las Vegas appeared first […]