California Cannabis Development Agreements: Part Three

You get what you negotiate in development agreements. This is the third post in our three-part series on development agreements in California. In our first post we provide an overview of the use (and misuse) of development agreements in the cannabis industry. The second post breaks down the basics of development agreement laws. Here, we will […]


Uncertainty Abounds in Defining “Commercial Cannabis Activity” under California’s New Rules

We’ve got a lot of questions for the BCC right now. Last month, California’s regulatory agencies charged with writing commercial cannabis rules released new modifications to the final rules proposed in July. The Bureau of Cannabis Control’s (BCC) proposed modifications contained some of the most dramatic changes, including what would effectively be an outright ban […]

Cannabis Case Summaries

Commercial Cannabis Case Law Update: Federal Courts Continue to Find a Balance

Federal courts are finding ways to enforce cannabis contracts nationwide. We’ve written previously about how courts, especially U.S. District Courts charged with applying and interpreting federal law, are wrestling with inconsistencies between state and federal law when it comes to state-legal cannabis. A little over a year ago, the emerging solution when it comes to […]


California Cannabis Zoning: Update on the County of San Mateo Case and CEQA

Did San Mateo’s new ordinance moot the CEQA issue? Last month, we blogged about the writ petition brought against the County of San Mateo by petitioners who alleged non-compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA”). CEQA requires environmental review of discretionary projects to inform the public and government decision makers of the environmental consequences […]