What’s better for your health, cannabis or alcohol?

Alcohol is one of the most widely-used and recreational drugs in the world. The same thing can be said of cannabis, but there are a few huge differences between cannabis and alcohol- one of them being the level of social acceptance, and the other being its legality. But which one is better for your health? Researchers […]

How Cannabinoids Work: Part II – Paths Through the Body

Though medical cannabis research is expanding daily, for patients and their health-care professionals, it’s challenging to understand the interaction between many variables at play to determine dosages, the type of cannabis, and importantly, the delivery system. Even if you know exactly how much of an active ingredient such as THC you’re getting, how you take […]

How Cannabinoids Work: Part I – Paths Into the Body

Researchers have made great strides in discovering how medical cannabis works in the body, but individual patients may still wonder how it can help them, and in what form and what dose. The journey to figuring out the answer can be frustrating, as even experienced medical cannabis consumers often don’t know the specifics when it […]

Cannabis & ‘Muggles’: An Etymology

Did you know “muggle” once referred to joints? Read the history of the word “muggle” and how it went from marijuana to magic. The post Cannabis & ‘Muggles’: An Etymology appeared first on Leafly. Go to Source Author: Ellen Komp Puffin’ On Some Good New?! Share Some…


Monday, November 5, 2018 Headlines | Marijuana Today Daily News

Marijuana Today Daily HeadlinesMonday, November 5, 2018 | Curated by host Shea Gunther // Judge rules New Mexico’s medical marijuana plant limit is arbitrary (Marijuana Business Daily) // First Massachusetts retail marijuana shop could open in ‘next week or two,’ Cannabis Commission chairman says (Mass Live) // Mexico’s Ruling Party Plans Legislation To Legalize Marijuana […]