Marijuana Ballot Measures Pass in Three States as Midterm Elections Pave the Way for Progress in 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The 2018 midterm elections represent a major victory for marijuana policy reform advocates and the legal cannabis industry. Voters in Michigan approved a ballot measure Tuesday that will make cannabis legal and regulated for adults, making it the first Midwest state to legalize cannabis and setting the stage for regulated businesses to replace the illicit […]

Marijuana Reform in the 2018 Midterm Elections

The amount of early voting ballots cast for this year’s midterm elections has exceeded the early vote count for the 2014 midterm elections by over 7 million votes. There are 37 states that allow early voting, and so far, over 34 million votes have already been cast compared to the early vote count from four […]

Aaron Hernandez Smoked K2 Prior To Suicide

The formal toxicology performed as part of the autopsy for former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez “came back negative for all substances tested to include synthetic cannabinoids,” per the report issued by the Massachusetts State Police. That report came out two weeks after the athlete’s April 2017 suicide while still in prison. However, […]

Oregon’s Marijuana Minor Decoy Operations and Fining Dispensaries

Oregon started a minor decoy operation last year testing if dispensaries were selling adult-use cannabis to minors. The results were not great late last year, but the latest minor decoy operation turned out very well with 100% of the Oregon dispensaries turning away minors. Oregon dispensaries can face a 30-day suspension and a $4.950.00 fine […]