Mexico: Still far from getting anything from North American cannabis reforms

October 25, 2018, Mexico

North America is going through a historic phase of cannabis reforms all across the continent. Canada has made the strain completely legal for all it uses. Furthermore, 30 US states now recognize cannabis as a legitimate commodity in some of its forms and for certain uses. From an outsider’s viewpoint, it seems like Mexico will soon follow the suit. However, there is an altogether different story on the ground.

Mexicans are constantly being pounded by the arrest news of small-time cannabis dealers and activists. Then there is a general hysteria among the country’s elites regarding the strain. It also looks as if the state is subtly pushing an agenda centered on anti-drug moralization. With these state of affairs, it looks rather bleak that Mexicans will be able to get their hands on regularized marijuana any time soon.

History of cannabis activism in Mexico

History of cannabis activism in Mexico

History of cannabis activism in Mexico – Image powered by

The first instance of activism regarding the legalization of cannabis can be traced back to 1985 when a renowned sociologist Pablo Garcia Vallejo published the text ‘Stoner’s Manifesto’. Instead of treating as a plea to take away the taboo attached with the strain, the book was immediately linked to counterculture and communist forces. In the 90s, many cultural scholars like Octavo Paz continued to call for the social acceptance of marijuana.

Many activists also advocated legalizing the strain to curb the unrestrained and brute power of drug cartels. Mexican drug czars are responsible to inflict some irreparable damages to the country in more than one way. According to multiple estimations, more than 100,000 Mexicans lost their lives in the crossfire between law enforcement and cartels between 2006 and 2013.

It is indeed a valid argument that the legalization of cannabis can dilute cartel power and must be deliberated upon further. However, activists remain unsuccessful in getting the attention of the legislative and executive pillars of the country. Three years ago, the activists turned their persuasion to the judicial branch and got some footing there. For example, the country’s apex court has allowed some epileptic patients to treat their condition with the administration of cannabis. The court also allowed a few members of the group Mexican Society for Responsible and Tolerant Self-Consumption to consume strain at private places.

Mexico Cannabis

Mexico Cannabis – Image powered by

Last year, the country’s legislature also passed a restrained MMJ bill, which allows patients to administer cannabis oils with less than one percent trace of THC. These small victories have their limited impact. But they can’t be the catalysts that can set off anything similar to the legalization measures implemented in California or Canada.

Even though many politicians are also advocating for the legalization of cannabis including president-elect, but counting on their promises can only aggravate the existing despair further. Mexicans have experienced this many times before. It’s time for the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the country to join hands to sort out the issue of cannabis, and not just to facilitate big international players, but also the masses of the country.

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