Puerto Rico Introduces New Marijuana- based Treatment for Alzheimer’s Patients

March 29, 2018, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, an unincorporated Caribbean island, is going to become the first US territory to introduce a new marijuana-based treatment for the patient of Alzheimer’s. This development is huge for Alzheimer’s patients of the Island. In addition, it will have a positive impact on the progress of MMJ reforms throughout the US.

According to a news report, MMJ dispensaries in Puerto Rico will start selling a new cannabinoid-based medicine called Hyalolex by the next month. This MMJ medicine is formulated to aid the patients suffering from the harsh side effects of this cerebral disease.

The patent of Hyalolex is registered with a MMJ company IGC. They have come to an agreement with DaMa Pharmaceutical that will distribute the medicine directly to the patients and to 30 MMJ dispensaries located throughout Puerto Rico. CEO of IGC has announced this collaboration and states that they are hoping to positively affect the lives of Alzheimer’s patients and the economy of the region.

Treatment for Alzheimer’s Patients

Treatment for Alzheimer’s Patients – Image powered by Cannabistical.com

Hyalolex is a liquid-based MMJ medicine. It is manufactured to cut down the accumulation of certain chemicals in the brain to alleviate the condition of Alzheimer’s. IGC claims that Hyalolex has shown its effectiveness against Alzheimer-induced anxiety, agitation, sleep disorders and stresses.

Even before Hyalolex, marijuana had demonstrated its positive effects on the patients of Alzheimer’s. A research study conducted way back in 2006 found out that THC present in cannabis strains can reduce the production of plaque responsible for the side effects of Alzheimer’s. This plaque is actually the buildup of beta-amyloid proteins, which are already broken down in a healthy brain. THC disrupts the production of this protein resulting in improved condition of Alzheimer’s patients.

Scientists believe that the accumulation of this protein greatly affects the condition of Alzheimer’s patients. Therefore, slowing down its production becomes a crucial part of the treatment plan for Alzheimer’s.

There is a widespread misconception regarding THC and its use. Opponents only paint it as substance responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis. But on chemical levels, this molecule is just another cannabinoid among other 113 present in cannabis strains, which has been studied for its various benefits for different medical conditions including Alzheimer’s.

Puerto Rico Flag with Marijuana

Puerto Rico Flag with Marijuana – Image powered by Massappeal.com

If we look into the MMJ program of the Puerto Rico, then it’s comparatively better than many others running in different states across the US. Even though the island doesn’t have a dense population, but it still has 30 MMJ dispensaries. San Juan, the capital of the territory, has some well-established MMJ dispensaries.

Last year, hurricane Maria wreaked havoc in the region, which also affected the MMJ operations of Puerto Rico. However seven months later, this pharmaceutical collaboration demonstrates the fact that the MMJ industry there is very robust. Other states should take a lesson or two from Puerto Rican authorities.

With the accessibility to Hyalolex in coming days, the Island’s MMJ patients suffering from Alzheimer’s will have another powerful treatment option available for their condition.

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