Thailand might become the first Asian country to legalize medical cannabis

November 01, 2018, Thailand

Asia is the biggest and most populous continent in the world. But the taboo around the use of marijuana is pretty strong and prevalent all across the continent. Amid this unhinged antagonism, Thailand might soon scale the milestone of legalizing the medical strain. An MMJ bill is pending in Thailand’s National Legislative Assembly.

In addition, the MMJ advocates are also going to meet the Prime Minister of the country’s military government. The meeting has been scheduled to discuss how the bill can be fast-tracked into legalization. It is important to mention here that Thailand’s constitution gives a unilateral authority to the prime minister to ratify any bill into legalization.

Dr. Somyot Kittimunkong, a physician who has been advocating the use of medical marijuana for years, maintains that many people in the country are already using cannabis for medical reasons. While talking to a newspaper, the MMJ advocate/physician maintains that from doctors, military personnel, judges to high-level government officials, Thai people from every walk of life are using cannabis and its concentrates to treat their medical ailments.

Prime Minister of Thailand

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He also thinks that the political class of the country has finally realized the significance of medical cannabis. People in the upper echelons of the government are now also seeing towards medical marijuana for its economic benefits. Several political parties in the country are also contemplating to introduce a policy to support the domestic growth of cannabis for commercial reasons.

A deep-rooted history of cannabis in Thailand

Kitty Chopkah takes care of the marketing and promotion work of a pro-cannabis and legalization group Highland Network. Chopkah thinks that marijuana has a deep-rooted history in the country. According to him, for hundreds of years, farmers used to smoke pot after work to relax and to sleep better for a healthy life.

The executive managing director of the state-run pharmaceutical entity that comes under the ministry of public health has been lobbying to get the go-ahead from the military government for MMJ-related research projects.

A deep-rooted history of cannabis in Thailand

A deep-rooted history of cannabis in Thailand – Image powered by

As per his claims, two decades ago the country used to produce the best quality strain in the entire world. And now the same strain is being produced in Canada, which has recently legalized all forms of cannabis. He thinks that proper research is definitely required to recuperate that quality of the locally cultivated cannabis plants. Policy analysts think that it is just the right time for Thailand to enter the MMJ market since the big players like the U.S and Canada haven’t yet had a monopoly over the worldwide MMJ business.

Liberal quarters of the country have applauded the development on the legalization of medical uses of cannabis. They have praised the decision-makers for taking an evidence-based approach instead of pandering to moral and ideological rhetoric. Even though things are still in their most primitive phase, but other Asian countries like South Korea, Philippines, and Sri Lanka have also started the debate on the legalization of medical uses of the cannabis plant.

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