The Republic of Vanuatu legalizes medical marijuana

October 29, 2018, Republic of Vanuatu

The Pacific Ocean has many small semi-autonomous island nations in the close vicinity of bigger countries. In the last few months, cannabis reforms have seen a major development in these Pacific jurisdictions. For instance, the Northern Mariana Islands, which is considered a US territory, has legalized the adult-use of the strain. The legalization measure of this Pacific nation is comprehensive and also account for the domestic cultivation of the strain for personal use and the legal commercial sale.

Now reports are coming in from the east coast of Australia where the semi-autonomous jurisdiction of the Republic of Vanuatu has allowed the use of cannabis for medical reasons. According to the government document retrieved by the media, the council of ministers of the Republic ratified a bill on September 20 to allow growth and consumption of marijuana for therapeutic use. The document also mentions that the licenses for domestic cultivation will be issued before the end of this year.

Republic of Vanuatu Flag with Marijuana

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It has also been reported that the administration will only grant five commercial licenses to run the legalized cannabis industry of the Republic. Here in the US, a Denver-based company Phoenix Life Sciences has claimed that they have got permission from the Republic of Vanuatu to set up operations on the island for the production of legalized MMJ products and other botanical drugs. According to the CEO of the company, it’s a unique opportunity for the company to establish scalable production for the Pacific Island country.

It is important to mention here that the company majorly conducts botanical research and clinical trials to find solutions for diabetic patients. And according to numbers furnished the country’s ministry of health, nearly one-fifth population of the Republic is suffering from diabetes.

The country’s Ministry of Health has also acknowledged that altered, unhealthy lifestyles have made it really difficult for them to control the sickness. On the other hand, as per the report published by WHO, the majority of Vanuatu population suffering from diabetes doesn’t have access to conventional treatments for diabetes. The UN organization has also noted that Insulin is not generally available on the Island.

Medical cannabis and diabetes

Medical cannabis and diabetes

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Research is underway to study the effect of medical marijuana on diabetes and its symptoms. However, initial evidence suggests that cannabinoid receptors might play a role in altering different physiological phenomenon associated with diabetes. Researchers think that the changes at cannabinoid receptors can actually alter the function of pancreatic cells. It has also been presumed that the body’s sensitivity to insulin is also somewhat connected to changes at cannabinoid receptors.

In general, the anti-inflammatory attributes of cannabis can also play their part for diabetic patients in relieving their symptoms. Apart from that, one study has also noted that cannabis users have smaller waistline than non-users.

We don’t know yet how diabetic patients of Vanuatu will get benefit from the legalization of MMJ. Nonetheless, patients suffering from chronic pains due to several health ailments can definitely make the good use of the medical strain of cannabis.

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