Canada’s DS & Fitz are crafting artisanal cannabis

D.S. & Fitz artisanal cannabis company is poised to corner the Canadian craft cannabis market.Image Courtesy of Curative Cannabis

As Canada begins to find its footing as the world’s second country to legalize cannabis, a craft cannabis marketplace with highly cultivated and curated strains is starting to emerge. One such company, Curative Cannabis is a licensed producer of regulated cannabis, under Health Canada’s regulations, and is financed by Auxly. While Canopy Growth is being positioned to become the Corona of Cannabis, Curative’s premium, top shelf, artisan line of cannabis strains produced by DS & Fitz are quickly gaining a reputation as the kings of craft cultivation.

Auxly –A finance company crossed with an incubator on steroids– purchased 46% of Curative and 50% of the cannabis it grows for 20 years. Auxly also provides the funding that Curative needs for all growth and development – further non-dilutive financing for and capital expenditure for building the facilities, and operating costs. Auxly also provides Curative with a licensed dealer- where all their products and brands are formulated, cannabis processing packaging and shipping occurs. Additionally, they provide distribution channels, regulatory oversight, and infrastructure.

According to Auxly’s website, Curative Cannabis is a late stage Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) applicant with an initial anticipated indoor cultivation footprint of 21,000 square feet.  

Curative also owns an option to purchase a neighboring 33 acres of land, allowing for an additional 800,000 square feet of potential expansion. Auxly will hold a 46% equity stake in the company and an offtake agreement for 1,600 kg of product per annum upon completion of the first phase of the facility.

Curative’s premium, top shelf, artisan line of cannabis strains and products are produced by Canadians David Shpilt and cultivator Scott FitzGerald, collectively known as DS & Fitz. These two gentleman work in tandem as yin and yang.

While Shpilt takes call after call, quickly divulging instructions and processing information at the speed of a Binar from Star Trek the Next Generation, FitzGerald is more content to literally stop and smell the cannabis flowers and discuss his affinity for the beauty of trichomes and sealing wax. He often spends long hours on the farm, preening and nourishing his plants. As a lifelong farmer (and volunteer firefighter), FitzGerald has over ten years of cultivation experience under licensed production, with a strong initial focus on the procurement of highly sought after genetics.

The acquisition of strains (genotypes) is only the beginning of the journey for any grower. For each strain, a long process of selective phenotyping is necessary.

Phenotyping determinations are made based on growth patterns, plant structure, performance concerning yield, flowering time and potency among many other relevant criteria. It takes years to curate a comprehensive genetic library of unique and proprietary strains.

FitzGerald takes into account additional qualities of his strains which he identifies during the phenotyping process. This process involves continual analysis and testing to determine terpene profiles, resistance to pests and disease, and what environmental conditions and horticultural practices produce ‘top shelf’ cannabis.

At the root of a responsible and sophisticated commercial craft grower of premium cannabis are the cannabis strains it has selected to cultivate. FitzGerald selectively breeds his strains based on the characteristics he wishes to bring forth.

For illustration purposes, FitzGerald will select two strains with exceptional growth structure such as Guerrilla Glue, for its potency and Peanut Butter Cookies for its terpenes, flavor and potency. He appoints Gorilla Glue to be the stud of the two parents. Gorilla Glue is then reversed to obtain feminized pollen, which will then pollinate the Peanut Butter Cookies strain, creating the new strain in seed form. Then he happily begins the cycle all over again by Phenotyping this Genotype.

DS & Fitz’ flowers and packaging aesthetics appeal to the most sophisticated cannabis consumers. One prototype strain, Odyssey, packaged in a glass mason jar, is topped off with a burnt sienna sealing wax containing flecks of navy blue merle. Jars of Sherbet Cookies are stamped with a sun gold wax that evokes a tapestry made during the Renaissance or hanging in a Tudor hall.

Hybrid strain Odyssey’s lineage is Monkey Butter crossed with Peanut Butter and contains a ratio of 27.4% THC and 0.4% CBD. Odyssey provides mood elevation, and a deep state of physical relaxation. Sherbet Cookies’ lineage is Thin Mint Scout Cookies crossed with Sunset Sherbet and provides a boost in energy and focus, accompanied by clear-headed motivation and creativity.

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