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What can Leafbuyer Do for You?
Congratulations! You’re in a state where medical or recreational marijuana has been legalized! The possibilities to purchase, grow, work with, and learn about cannabis products are practically endless, and may even seem overwhelming. Where can you go to get the information you need?
Enter Leafbuyer (leafbuyer.com), an easy-to-navigate website dedicated to bringing cannabis enthusiasts up to speed on the latest knowledge from the wonderful world of cannabis. With a focus on U.S. states that have legalized recreational marijuana, Leafbuyer should be any consumer’s go-to for local and national cannabis news, deals, dispensaries, job listings, and more. Let’s take a look at what this impressive website has to offer.
Dispensaries and Head Shops
First thing’s first – where can you buy marijuana products now that you live in a state that has legalized it? Leafbuyer’s Dispensaries section features a map of the state you’re searching with a pinpoint denoting each marijuana dispensary therein. What’s more, you can narrow your search by:
Regions within the state;Dispensaries that sell medical marijuana only, recreational only, or both;Discounts and deals;Ounce specials; andDispensaries featured by Leafbuyer.
The Head Shops section of the website has an almost identical format. Search your state and surrounding areas for shops selling marijuana paraphernalia, and find deals to make your in-store purchase that much sweeter. You’ll love the diverse array of products that Leafbuyer’s featured shops have to offer.
So go ahead, find a great deal at a nearby dispensary and make your first (or ninety-first) marijuana purchase!
Not ready to buy pot products in public, or don’t have any dispensaries or head shops nearby? Leafbuyer has got you covered. Their Products section hosts hundreds of different marijuana products from companies like Hemp Health, Keef Kola, 02 Vape, Genius Pipe, Glass Blunt Store, and many more!
Once you find the category that you’re looking for, click on a product for a brief description, information on where to buy it, and the website of the company that sells it.
One of my favorite parts of Leafbuyer is the Strains section. Check out these beautiful pages in alphabetical order or search for a particular strain or strain type (sativa, indica, hybrid, etc.). Each strain features a high-resolution image of the bud in question and includes the parent strains and a brief write-up. Want to know the medical benefits, flavors, and effects? You’re in luck – Leafbuyer includes three characteristics for each category to give you a great understanding of what you’re getting into with each hit.
Looking for information on cannabis products without the intensity of a news article? The Blogsection of this website is for you. Leafbuyer has freelance writers from across the country to create informational and engaging pieces on interesting marijuana topics and common cannabis questions. The site features three new posts each day on both national and regional topics. Looking to make a bong from the items in your recycling bin? Or maybe you’d like to brush up on marijuana laws in the state of Oregon. From fun tutorials to informative summaries, Leafbuyer’s blog has everything you’ll want to read.
It’s amazing just how much there is to do when you integrate yourself with – or even dip your toes into – cannabis culture. Leafbuyer’s Events page has upcoming events and happenings within the marijuana industry across states that have legalized marijuana. This page includes the date, venue, state, contact information, and website for each event.
You love marijuana, and you know a lot about it. In fact, you’ve even been thinking about starting a career in the cannabis industry. Well look no further than Leafbuyer’s Jobsnetwork. Whether you’re looking for full-time, part-time, or freelance work, or if you’re a company looking to hire, Leafbuyer connects jobseekers with quality companies in the cannabis industry. Start your dream job as a budtender, trimmer, or salesperson today!
But wait, there’s more!
Want to know about last year’s most powerful people in the Colorado cannabis industry? Or perhaps you’re looking for the 10 best dispensaries in Las Vegas. Leafbuyer’s Listssection offers information on unique dispensaries, important people, and exciting strains within the wonderful world of weed. And for those interested in learning more about where their flower comes from, the website also offers information about Grow Stores in different regions of the country.
Leafbuyer is working to help marijuana users have a great experience learning about cannabis products, and saving them money in the process. This consumer-oriented site aims to make things just a little easier for everyone involved. So go ahead, check out leafbuyer.com for a first-hand look at what they have to offer.
Author: Daphne Eccleston

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