Rolling Papers You Need to Try!

When it comes to papers there are tons of different brands, flavors and styles. Here are some you NEED to try if you haven’t already.
Juicy Jay’s Hemp Wraps

Strawberry Fields (Best Seller)
Mango Papaya
Tropical Passion
Black N’ Blueberry
Grapes Gone Wild

Cheech & Chong Hemp Papers

The iconic stoner duo has some of the coolest smoking products for enthusiasts to enjoy. These hemp rolling papers by Cheech & Chong are a nostalgic piece of stoner history to add to your collection and provide a great smoking experience.

DLX Deluxe Rolling Papers

If you’re smoking premium, you need a premium rolling paper and DLX is that brand. Made with premium natural ingredients and gummed with natural vegan Acacia, DLX provides a clean, slow burning experience that you’d expect from a high end product.

Pouch Rolling Papers

Rolling made easy. The Pouch Papers have an intuitive design that allows you to add your product in to a pouch that holds your goods while you roll. No more mess or clean up. Pouch Papers have a sugar based gum and are made from rice.

24k Gold Rolling Papers by Shine

Set yourself apart from the crowd and smoke like a boss with 24k gold papers.
See how others used them HERE.

Three Castles

Chances are you haven’t heard of Three Castles, nonetheless these papers should not be over looked. Smoke with the OG’s properly.

Wiz Khalifa Loud Pack

One of the best kits to have on the go. Every pack comes with a built in rolling tray, Raw 1 1/4 papers, a poker/packing tool, and Raw tips!

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