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Presidential Candidate, Hart Cunningham is Pro Marijuana!
Hart Cunningham, speaks on Colorado’s dedication for a cleaner Earth, supportive legislation for marijuana, and women’s rights.
Hart will be running for president in 2020. With so many people aiming to be president now, it’s become damn near embarrassing. Getting someone in office for the people is what we truly need right now. Before voting on a president one should really do research on the candidate. Hart is known for his presence in the world of technology. His companies have won dozens of awards including the Edison, Golden Bridge, and the Business Excellence. You can read more about Hart Here
Some things you can look forward to if Hart makes it into office.
Human Rights,
Green Energy,
Logic in the Presidency,
Respectful diplomatic affairs,
Global Focus on Renewables,
Gun control with NRA expansion,
And a lot more!
Watch a video where Hart discusses important subjects and how he plans to change for the better!

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