Mexico Supreme Court Rules Marijuana Prohibition is Unconstitutional

Mexico’s Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled that the nation’s ban on recreational marijuana is unconstitutional, effectively leaving it to lawmakers to regulate consumption of the plant, reports the Associated Press. In its ruling he court found that adults have a fundamental right to personal development which lets them decide their recreational activities without interference from […]

‘The Simpsons’ Predicted Cannabis Legalization In Canada

The long running animated sitcom “The Simpsons” has gained a reputation in the past few years for correctly predicting future events, no matter how farfetched they may have seemed at the time. Through what were once considered jokes, their prescience was able to foretell quite a few events such as the massive Disney-Fox merger, the overwhelming […]

Mammoth Munchies and Lit Yoga: A Stoner’s Delight in L.A.

Creative minds in Los Angeles have dreamed up immersive experiences that any cannabis fan will love. One is a blend of healthful activity, political action, commerce, and trippy highs, while the other is equally mind-bending as it artfully acknowledges our weak dieting willpower — and brings the munchies to life. At Cheat Day Land, an […]’s Happy Halloweed Strain List and Review

The candy bowl is filled, the party invites are out, and the spooky decorations are making the pad look deliciously goth. Hell, you even carved a pumpkin this year. You’re ready for the stoner Halloween night of your nightmares, except … you’ve still got to stock up on strains! Nothing gets people in the mood […]

Getting Started in the Cannabis Extraction Industry

Cannabis concentrates are a growing industry, but there’s a lot you need to know before getting started in the business of cannabis extraction. The post Getting Started in the Cannabis Extraction Industry appeared first on Leafly. Go to Source Author: Leafly Staff Puffin’ On Some Good New?! Share Some…

Election 2018: A Complete Guide to Cannabis on the Ballot

Michigan & North Dakota will vote on adult-use legalization. Missouri & Utah consider medical. We’ve got info, analysis, and poll data. The post Election 2018: A Complete Guide to Cannabis on the Ballot appeared first on Leafly. Go to Source Author: Bruce Barcott Puffin’ On Some Good New?! Share Some…

Legal Marijuana Helps Reduce Opioid Dangers, Studies Reveal

Another day, another round of studies suggesting that legalizing marijuana can help mitigate the harms of the opioid epidemic. This time, one study published Oct. 25, 2018, in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence looked at how adult-use legalization impacted opioid prescriptions. And a separate research paper published Oct. 20, 2018, explored how medical cannabis […]

U.S. House Speaker Touts Benefits of CBD and Industrial Hemp

The top Republican in the U.S. House has issued a surprise endorsement of a key marijuana ingredient’s medical benefits, as well as the uses of industrial hemp. “It has proven to work,” Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said of cannabidiol (CBD) on Oct. 30, 2018, specifying that it “helps reduce seizures.” “We do this in […]


Medical cannabis treatments in UK to be limited over doctors’ fears and lack of regulation despite new law

Only a minority of patients who stand to benefit from potentially life-changing medicinal cannabis prescriptions will be able to access it after laws change on 1 November, experts have warned. Despite the potential to help thousands with conditions like epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and nausea from cancer treatment, The Independent has learned that most doctors are so far refusing to […]

How to Incorporate Cannabis in Your Halloween Celebrations

Halloween is finally here and that means plenty of “Hallo-weed” parties going down! Whether you’re looking for the perfect cannabis-inspired costume for the big event or some tasty party treats, we’ve got the scoop on how to make this year’s Halloween a marijuana-filled sensation to remember. No matter how you celebrate, remember to consume cannabis […]


Getting medical cannabis in Australia is too complicated

Although Australia legalized the medicinal use of cannabis in 2016, accessing it remains a lengthy, bureaucratic ordeal that’s left many Australians frustrated. The introduction of a new online application was intended to simplify the process. But reports from Down Under have indicated that the road to acquiring medicinal cannabis in Australia might be bumpier than […]


Florida House seeks to defend medical marijuana law

The Florida House is seeking to intervene in a potentially far-reaching legal battle about the constitutionality of a 2017 law that set regulations for the state’s medical marijuana industry. House lawyers last week requested approval to help defend the law, which was designed to carry out a constitutional amendment that broadly legalized medical marijuana. A […]


Dream Beaver

Information about Dream Beaver: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time Dream Beaver earned its place in the cannabis industry for its wicked potency. Its THC-laden buds have tested to contain up to 26% at any give time. Suffice to say, it is not for the faint of heart and those with low […]


Durban Berry

Information about Durban Berry: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time The exotic flavors of Durban Berry are enough to entice users to try out the bud. It explodes with the delicious citric taste of lemons blended with sweet berries. However, its potent smoke and impressive psychedelic effects is what turns curious enthusiasts […]


Hydrofarm Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller

Hydrofarm Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller: Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller Go Auto and Improve Quality When it comes to indoor and greenhouse crops, climate control will always be on the priority list. These indoor plants need closely supervised temperature and humidity levels to be comfortable. Devices such as the Autopilot Master Controller, are crucial in monitoring […]


Colorado cannabis cultivator facing lawsuit over strong odor

October 30, 2018, Colorado Colorado has an established legal marijuana industry for a long time. Cultivation, processing and retail operations of cannabis have now reached a certain level of normality. However, a recent lawsuit against a marijuana cultivator will change things and ruffle some feathers. The hearing on the lawsuit is going to start in […]

Leafly’s 2018 Midterm Election Update

We’ve updated our state-by-state election information with the latest polls, financial contributions, and other data as Election Day approaches. The post Leafly’s 2018 Midterm Election Update appeared first on Leafly. Go to Source Author: Tobias Coughlin-Bogue Puffin’ On Some Good New?! Share Some…

Michigan and Missouri Marijuana Campaigns Fill Up War Chests

Major late contributions are flowing into the coffers of Michigan and Missouri political action committees that have been set up to support or oppose marijuana ballot initiatives in those states, Marijuana Moment’s latest analysis of campaign finance data shows. In Missouri, physician Bradley Bradshaw continues to pour money into the Find the Cures committee in […]

Analysis: Louisiana Medical Marijuana Policy Stuck in Swamp

By, Melinda Deslatte BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — More than three years have passed since Louisiana lawmakers established a framework for dispensing medical marijuana in the state, and the timeline for patients to gain legal access to the drug keeps getting pushed back. The new estimate for when therapeutic cannabis will be available is late […]

What You Need to Know Before Launching a CBD Brand

CBD is a booming market, but launching a business can be tough in a crowded industry. NF Skin can help you get started. The post What You Need to Know Before Launching a CBD Brand appeared first on Leafly. Go to Source Author: Leafly Staff Puffin’ On Some Good New?! Share Some…

Q+A: How Can Marijuana Ease Aggravation of Menstrual Pain?

Most women experience at least some mild aches and discomfort before and during menstruation. For an unfortunate minority, period cramps go beyond an annoyance to a severity that can be debilitating, disrupting the lives of these women and leaving them sidelined from regular activities for a few days each month. Is it possible that cannabis […]

Researchers Tout Cannabis as Therapeutic for Women’s Health

While 38 percent of women worldwide suffer from chronic diseases, only 4 percent of research and development funding goes toward examining women’s health-care products and services. This leads women to seek out and experiment with alternative therapies, cannabis among them, according to an Israeli researcher introducing a health and wellness panel during a medical cannabis […]


Cannabis in Canada: Big Banks Are Missing a Boom

KushCo Holdings, a company that sells packaging and supplies to the cannabis industry, would love to borrow money from a real bank. CEO Nick Kovacevich wants to secure up to $30 million in revolving credit, so he can hire more employees and build new warehouses. But a line of credit or loan of that size […]


Flex Your Green Thumb: Tips on Growing Cannabis at Home

The Grow Room in Regina will be offering workshops to help home-growers. Budding green thumbs now have the opportunity to legally grow their own cannabis at home. Canadians can grow up to four cannabis plants for personal use per residence under the new laws. The plants must come from licensed seeds or seedlings. Chad Bonin […]

Aaron Hernandez Smoked K2 Prior To Suicide

The formal toxicology performed as part of the autopsy for former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez “came back negative for all substances tested to include synthetic cannabinoids,” per the report issued by the Massachusetts State Police. That report came out two weeks after the athlete’s April 2017 suicide while still in prison. However, […]

13 Horror Movies You Should Watch While High this Halloween

Jerry Garcia’s favorite movie was “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein,” a 1948 comedy/horror mashup that he says gave him “a general fascination with the bizarre” that would fuel his music career. “There are things in this world that are really weird. I don’t think I knew that before I saw that movie, that there are […]

Couple Share Pro-Marijuana Message on Trans-Canada Bike Ride

Cross-country cyclists Mat Leblanc and Ali Becker ran out of water in the middle of a seemingly endless strip of eastern Alberta ghost towns with names such as Little Gem, about 230 kilometers, or 143 miles, east-northeast of Calgary, about a three-hour drive. In June 2018, they had embarked from Victoria, British Columbia, on their […]


The Pros and Cons of Buying Bargain Cannabis

In recreational states across America, discount cannabis is a staple – and something that is highly sought after by many consumers looking to save money. But how can you tell if that bargain bud is quality? And how do you know if you’re getting conned or getting a good deal? A number of factors determine […]


Tuesday, October 30, 2018 Headlines | Marijuana Today Daily News

Marijuana Today Daily HeadlinesTuesday, October 30, 2018 | Curated by host Shea Gunther // U.S. cannabis firm Curaleaf falls in trading debut following biggest-ever reverse takeover on CSE (Financial Post) // Medical marijuana board says they’ll offer some grace during licensing crackdown (Michigan Live) // At a sometimes tense meeting on medical marijuana, Speaker Hughes […]


Cannabis Litigation 101: Arbitration

This is the second post in a series on various aspects of cannabis litigation. The title is admittedly a bit misleading, as arbitration isn’t really the same thing as litigation. That said, the two can intersect, and so understanding what arbitration is and is not, is important for cannabis businesses. After all, many contracts in […]


Sellers, growers not alone in marijuana business

Pot shops and cannabis cafes may one day become the face of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts, but ancillary businesses — those working behind the scenes — are lining up today to try and capitalize off the budding industry. The evidence was on full display Oct. 19 at the second Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo […]


Vermont CBD makers and sellers stress purity, standards

Derek Mercury, owner of Jeffersonville, Vermont-based Maple Plus, says simple is better. “It’s a very simple product,” he says of the enhanced maple sugar that became available on April 20 of this year. “There’s just two ingredients.” Those ingredients: maple sugar derived from Vermont pure maple syrup and cannabidiol (CBD), one of the chemical components […]


Opportunity grows in Oklahoma medical marijuana lab

Opportunity is growing in Oklahoma’s medical marijuana industry as fast as brand-new seedlings. With $5.7 million in licensing fees already collected from patients, caregivers, dispensaries, growers and processors, the state is ready to regulate the new industry. 2 Works for You met a husband-and-wife team determined to make it big in the field of cannabis. […]



Information about Kuchi: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time Both California and the UK are famous for producing spectacular strains, among which OG Kush and Cheese are the most notable. Almost all West Coast varieties trace its origins to the former while the latter achieved worldwide fame for its interesting flavors. In […]


X-tra Chz

Information about X-tra Chz: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time “Extra cheese, please.” In retrospect, most have probably uttered these words at one point or another. After all, the delicious dairy is a godsend. Thankfully, an equally flavorful strain that goes by the playful name ‘X-tra Chz’ exists in the cannabis industry. […]


SmartBee Irrigation System Bundle

SmartBee Irrigation System Bundle: SmartBee Irrigation System Bundle SmartBee Software and App SmartBee Water Content Sensor Stinger Smart Power Strip 4 SmartBee Irrigation System Bundle for Consistent Quality Yield Roots are the lifeline of plants. Not only does it provide anchorage but it also keeps the plants sturdy. Furthermore, it is also responsible for seeking […]


The Republic of Vanuatu legalizes medical marijuana

October 29, 2018, Republic of Vanuatu The Pacific Ocean has many small semi-autonomous island nations in the close vicinity of bigger countries. In the last few months, cannabis reforms have seen a major development in these Pacific jurisdictions. For instance, the Northern Mariana Islands, which is considered a US territory, has legalized the adult-use of […]


Quebec is going to increase legal marijuana use age to 21

October 29, 2018, Quebec The last fortnight in Canada was all about celebrating the nationwide legalization of cannabis. The strain becoming a legal commodity is indeed a momentous milestone for the law and cultural history of the country. Adult Canadian cannabis consumers of all ages were eagerly waiting for October 17 to use the strain […]

On Halloween, Don’t Fear the Reefer. Spiked Candy is a Myth.

Trick or THC-treat? Halloween is right around the corner, a time of year that invokes fear in parents and children alike. All across the United States, as kids slash their way through neighborhoods disguised as Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers collecting treats, parents sit at home in terror, afraid some menacing evildoers will dose their […]

Q+A: Cannabis Europa Director Envisions Marijuana in France

Though France legalized medical cannabis in 2013, no cannabis-based products are for sale in the country yet. By the end of 2018, however, France will have made several significant moves to ease the introduction of medical marijuana within its borders and beyond. Currently, a special committee is studying the necessity and feasibility of the sale […]

A&E Classics

Four-Colour Hysteria! Cannabis in Comic Books

CANNABIS CULTURE – If you were a comic book reader in the 1950s (and almost every young person was), you were told over and over that marijuana was a scourge that inevitably led to prison or worse. This was true whether you read superhero comics, romance comics, or crime comics. The theme was always the […]

Activist Resources

High Rollerz : Cannabis and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

CANNABIS CULTURE – For many of the biggest names in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, cannabis plays an important role in their cognitive and physical recovery process. Amateur and professional practitioners alike find benefits in cannabis that can help their jiu-jitsu creativity, longevity and decompression from hard rolls. As those who “roll” know, cannabis acts as an adviser […]

The Best Cannabis Strains For Fall

With the leaves starting to turn and a crisp coolness beginning to fill the air, autumn is finally here. From Halloween to Thanksgiving there will be plenty of time for folks to celebrate the season and what better way to do so than with some awesome herb! Check out this list of some of our […]

Advocacy Groups Seek Equity in Colorado Marijuana Industry

Colorado can do a lot more to make its legal marijuana market more open, transparent and equitable, a coalition of criminal justice reform advocacy groups said in an Oct. 25, 2018, letter outlining regulatory recommendations. The coalition, led by the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), put forward 12 recommendations — ranging from the revocation of an […]

Gallup Poll: 66% of Americans Back Marijuana Legalization

Two-thirds of Americans now support legalizing marijuana, the highest percentage ever in Gallup’s ongoing decades-long series of national polls on the topic. The new survey released Oct. 25, 2018, shows that U.S. adults back ending cannabis prohibition by a supermajority margin of 66 percent to 32 percent. That’s more than a two-to-one ratio. It is […]

Trial to Decide Marijuana Grow’s Impact on Property Values

By, Kathleen Foody DENVER (AP) — A federal trial in Colorado could have far-reaching effects on the United States’ budding cannabis industry if a jury sides with a couple who say having a marijuana business as a neighbor hurts their property values. The trial set to begin Oct. 29, 2018, in Denver is the first […]

Inside a CBD Dinner Party at Loosie’s in Brooklyn

This chic CBD dinner party in Brooklyn combined education with fun to engage a curious audience while they discussed their experiences with cannabis. The post Inside a CBD Dinner Party at Loosie’s in Brooklyn appeared first on Leafly. Go to Source Author: Max Savage Levenson Puffin’ On Some Good New?! Share Some…


Southern Illinois University to create medical marijuana certificate program, launch new research into industrial hemp

Southern Illinois University is creating new programs to study industrial hemp and medical marijuana with the hope of offering a new certificate for students and farmers, school officials announced Friday. The interdisciplinary program in cannabis science is spearheaded by researchers in SIU’s colleges of science and agricultural sciences, school officials said. Areas of study would […]


Strawberry Ice

Information about Strawberry Ice: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time In 2015, Strawberry Ice took home the prize for best Sativa at the Oregon DOPE Cup. It turned heads with its big, fluffy golden streaked buds and sweet smell. But, what truly garnered it the title was the mind-boggling high induced by […]


White Slipper

Information about White Slipper: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time It is difficult to find fault in a strain like The White. It buds, which look white, are heavily covered in trichomes, alluding to its extraordinary THC. When consumed, it brings users to soaring new heights instantaneously. Sadly, many shy away from […]


Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat 9” x 19.5” 17w

Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat 9” x 19.5” 17w: Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat Operation or Usage Temperature Ranges Seedlings and Clones Easy on Seedlings The root zone’s temperature can significantly impact a young plant’s growth. While fully-growing cannabis crops can handle a broader range of root zone temperatures, seedlings and clones thrive better with a root […]


From Weed to Widgets at a Montreal Cannabis Trade Show

The product at the Montreal Cannabis Expo could have been any agricultural commodity. If you went to the Montreal Cannabis Expo expecting some free samples, you would have left disappointed. The industry event was only that, an industry event. There was little of the tie-dye and innuendo that has long been associated with cannabis. They’ve […]


Joan Nathan’s Weed-Infused Lemon Roast Chicken

Yield: 4 servings THC: 5.7 mg per serving; 22.8 mg total recipe Joan Nathan is basically the grand dame of Jewish home cooking. Even though she had never even seen weed in her life before coming on Bong Appétit, she was completely down to experiment. The result? This ultra-lemony roast chicken that uses both fresh […]


Legalization Leaves Medical Users Stranded, and More

One unfortunate result of legalization: medical marijuana patients that are facing shortages, or the complete disappearance, of the medical product. Tilray, a major producer which at one point this week ran out of medical cannabis, explains that medical buying ramped up before legalization, and then increased further when Tilray warned its customers there might be […]

Weed Recipes: Cannabis Infused Rum

We are quickly approaching the holidays and certainly an adult beverage can be called for during this time of year. In the “spirit” of things, check out this really easy recipe for infusing rum with cannabis to make your own weed infused cocktails for your next happy hour or party! You can use this easy […]

Trade Group: Nevada to Collect $1B in 7 Years from Marijuana

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A report for a cannabis trade group says marijuana production, processing, and sales could reap more than $1 billion in tax revenue for Nevada over seven years. That’s a key finding in an economic analysis released Oct. 26, 2018, by the Nevada Dispensary Association. It projects that cannabis-friendly policies in tourist-oriented […]

The Top Cannabis Strains to Enjoy During the Fall Season

With an overpriced pumpkin-spiced latte in one hand, the crisp fall air encourages your first exhale to condense. You blow into your coffee to cool it and a whirlwind of steam and condensation twirl in the empty space above the hot liquid. Listening to non-migratory birds whistle, you might spot a scarecrow standing out over […]

Lawsuit over pot, property values could have broad impacts

DENVER — A federal trial in Colorado could have far-reaching effects on the United States’ budding marijuana industry if a jury sides with a couple who say having a cannabis business as a neighbor hurts their property’s value. The trial set to begin Monday in Denver is the first time a jury will consider a […]


Chocolate Diesel

Information about Chocolate Diesel: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time Breeders rarely put out 100% Sativas or Indicas in the marijuana market. This is not surprising though as crossing usually results in a hybrid fortified by the excellent traits of both – regardless if it were perfectly split or leans toward one […]


Blue Magic

Information about Blue Magic: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time From out of nowhere comes a mostly Sativa strain that balances an intense euphoric buzz without compromising the enhanced ability to focus. Called Blue Magic, its breeder remains unknown. No one can also be sure of its lineage. However, there is a […]


Root Spa 5-gallon Four Bucket System

Root Spa 5-gallon Four Bucket System: DWC Systems Root Spa 5-gallon Four Bucket System In this time and age, more and more growers are looking into more elaborate growing techniques aside from merely using soil. Methods like hydroponics are now more popular, and Deep Water Culture (DWC) is one of its several systems that is […]


Medicinal Cannabis User Organizes Protest After Unlicensed Saskatoon Dispensaries Forced to Shutter

A Saskatoon woman who says medicinal cannabis saved her life is organizing a protest at city hall Saturday afternoon following the unlicensed dispensary closures this week. Alicia Yashcheshen credits medicinal cannabis for keeping her alive after she developed Crohn’s disease following a bad reaction to a prescription, Vioxx, which resulted in anorexia. “If I don’t […]

The Weed in News: Mexico May (and Should) Legalize Next; Americans Still Pine for Adult Use; and the End of U.S. Prohibition is on the Horizon

As Canada legalizes marijuana and Mexico thinks about doing the same, one burning question is on the minds of many: When will the United States legalize recreational marijuana? Mexican officials announced they may reform their marijuana laws; a new poll finds American support for legalization is higher than ever; and Colorado researchers predict when cannabis […]

Cannabis Case Summaries

Commercial Cannabis Case Law Update: Federal Courts Continue to Find a Balance

Federal courts are finding ways to enforce cannabis contracts nationwide. We’ve written previously about how courts, especially U.S. District Courts charged with applying and interpreting federal law, are wrestling with inconsistencies between state and federal law when it comes to state-legal cannabis. A little over a year ago, the emerging solution when it comes to […]


Purple Martian Kush

Information about Purple Martian Kush: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time Purple Martian Kush takes its name from its striking purple buds. Apart from that, it also has the undeniable sweetness of grapes and many violet colored fruits. In spite of the panic around the extraterrestrial creature it refers to, the Indica-leaning […]


White Skunk

Information about White Skunk: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time White Skunk is among the most flexible strains from the White Label Seed Company. It is potent and hard-hitting but its high is buildable. Though generally categorized as a thrill seeker’s dream, inexperience users may still enjoy the Indica-dominant herb under the […]


GeoPot Self-Supporting Square Bottom

GeoPot Self-Supporting Square Bottom: GeoPot Self-Supporting Square Bottom The containers or pots where cannabis plants are planted plays a vital role in the success of the entire grow operation. Aside from the fact that its instrumental in shielding roots from light and providing a valuable environment containing oxygen, water, and nutrients, it prunes or shapes […]


Study finds marijuana-like properties in a sub-species of moss

October 26, 2018 Research fellows at the University of Bern, Switzerland recently published a study that, if proven and accepted, would change how cannabis or marijuana are classified as a psychoactive substance. The study is centered on moss-like plant liverworts and concludes that this botanical species contains some characteristics similar to THC, the major psychoactive […]


Halifax Man Aims to Turn ‘Wasteful’ Cannabis Packaging Into Prosthetic Limbs

Kindness3D founder Jacob Boudreau says NSLC packaging produces ‘an obscene amount of waste’ Since recreational marijuana became legal last week, some customers in Nova Scotia have criticized the province’s legal distributor for excessive packaging. But one Halifax man is turning his complaint about the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation’s plastic packaging into action. Jake Boudreau wants […]


The Canadian Weed Experiment is Not Going Well

Canada legalized recreational weed 8 days ago, and already the country is having issues keeping up with the sudden increase in demand. By the second day both brick and mortar dispensaries and online retailers were reporting that they were selling out of product. Why is Canada running out of weed? Is the Canadian legal market […]’s 5 Election Contests You Have to Watch

The fate of marijuana reform rests largely in the hands of our elected officials. Ballot initiatives can introduce marijuana legalization into states and counties, but elected officials ultimately are responsible for shaping the policy, creating the programs, and implementing the will of the people. It doesn’t hurt when elected officials steering the legalization of marijuana […]

How Much Does An Eighth Cost? Depends on Where You Live.

By, Valli Herman How much is an eighth? Easy: 3.5 grams. How much is an eighth? Now that’s up for debate. If you know how variable and volatile stock prices of publicly listed cannabis companies are, then you won’t be surprised by the wide range of prices for one of the most popular denominations of […]

Mo’ Better Booze: NY Liquor Stores Want to Sell Marijuana

Instead of creating a whole new system of specialized stores to distribute marijuana when it becomes legal, New York should just allow existing liquor and wine retail outlets to sell cannabis to adults. That’s the position of a new advocacy effort launched by owners of booze shops in October 2018. “With more than 2,000 wine […]

Michigan’s Marijuana Legalization Vote Campaigns Heat Up

Initial reports ahead of a key filing deadline less than two weeks ahead of Election Day for Michigan campaign committees formed to support or oppose the state’s marijuana legalization ballot measure show that only two of the groups are still actively receiving and spending money. The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, a pro-legalization group, […]

Utah’s Grand Bargain on Medical Marijuana: Will It Work?

Utah’s compromise is the latest evidence of how quickly confidence in medical cannabis has reached some of America’s most conservative communities. The post Utah’s Grand Bargain on Medical Marijuana: Will It Work? appeared first on Leafly. Go to Source Author: Alex Halperin Puffin’ On Some Good New?! Share Some…

Colorado’s anticipated marijuana report details youth usage, driving and crime over the last 5 years

After five years of data collection, the Colorado Department of Public Safety released its much-anticipated baseline report on the impacts of marijuana legalization. The data provide glimpses for the first time into the how legalization has impacted several highly-charged subjects, including usage among young people and driving impairment. The report shows that Colorado has not […]

The Roll-Up #57: Getting Hyper-Enhanced on Halloween

This week: A Utah senator enjoys an infused gummy, Ben reveals his worst LA-themed costume, and Alyssa advises a listener on proper etiquette at a graveyard sesh. The post The Roll-Up #57: Getting Hyper-Enhanced on Halloween appeared first on Leafly. Go to Source Author: Leafly Podcasts Puffin’ On Some Good New?! Share Some…


Friday, October 26, 2018 Headlines | Marijuana Today Daily News

Marijuana Today Daily HeadlinesFriday, October 26, 2018 | Curated by host Shea Gunther // Metrc, whose tracing system helps regulators track cannabis from seed to sale, just raised $50 million, including from Tiger Global (Tech Crunch) // Cannabis Operator 4Front Raises $31 Million (New Cannabis Ventures) // Upstart Ohio medical cannabis firm raises CA$85 million […]

High on the highway — stoned-driving on the increase

Getting behind the wheel after cannabis use is on the rise in the US, and THC, not alcohol, is now the most commonly detected intoxicant in US drivers. Detecting levels of THC, however, is challenging and the methods used so far cannot accurately determine a person’s level of impairment. Go to Source Author: Puffin’ On […]


7 Pivotal moments in cannabis history

The history of marijuana goes back nearly 5,000 years, and through most of its history, weed was considered beneficial for both your physical and your mental health. That all changed around the beginning of the 20th century with a concentrated campaign of prohibition and criminalization, writes Deb Powers. In just a few short years, pot […]


‘Weed the People’ explores medical marijuana for kids with cancer

Marijuana, both medicinal and recreational, is growing more mainstream. Medical marijuana is now legalized in a majority of states, and 62% of Americans support legalizing it outright — but in the political realm, the plant has long been controversial. Now, a new documentary called Weed the People, which opens in some theaters in October, explores the potential of medical marijuana […]


Ganesh Berry

Information about Ganesh Berry: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time In Hinduism, Ganesh is the patron deity of businessmen. It is believed he removes obstacles so beginnings go smoothly. However, the elephant headed god is also the deva of intellect and wisdom for his ability to clear the mind of hindrances. Similarly, […]


Banana Peel

Information about Banana Peel: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time Banana peels have a multitude of benefits. Among which is its ability to reduce pain. In a similar manner, a cannabis strain of the same name also has similar soothing physical effects. Not only that, it has the undeniable scent of real […]


North_East_Newbie’s Golden Buds from a Gold Leaf Scrog

North_East_Newbie’s Golden Buds from a Gold Leaf Scrog: Golden Buds from Gold Leaf Vegetation Phase Flowering Phase Golden Success from Scrogging ScrOGging is a term used to abbreviate “Screen of Green”. It involves placing a screen over the plant that it filled out by tucking and bending the branches, thus making an illusion of a […]

Weedmaps-Sponsored Elliot Sloan Wins Big Air Gold at X Games

Elliot Sloan was thinking only of the landing as he spun perfectly, majestically, 15 feet above the ramp on the Big Air track at the X Games in Sydney on Oct. 21, 2018. The Weedmaps-sponsored skateboarder brilliantly executed an Indy 720 to tailgrab 900, clinched X Games gold, and earned skater immortality. Even in the […]

‘Where Do I Vote?’ Find Out in Exactly 100 Words

Why is voting hard? You’ve presumably read several articles on why your vote matters, voter registration deadlines, and how weed smokers need to fight for their marijuana rights in the voting booth. You get it. But where do you vote? Luckily, finding your polling location is easy. has a polling place locator that provides […]

Lacking Test Labs, Louisiana Delays Medical Marijuana Sales

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — One of two licensed cannabis growers in Louisiana said patients might have to wait two months later than hoped for medical marijuana products to be available at dispensaries across the state. John Davis, GB Sciences Louisiana president, which was hired by Louisiana State University as a sanctioned grower, told news […]

Utah House Speaker: Agreement Won’t Sandbag Marijuana Vote

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah’s House Speaker is telling skeptical Democrats that an agreement reached between Mormon leaders, lawmakers and cannabis proponents wasn’t done to sabotage the November 2018 medical marijuana ballot initiative. The Republican leader, Greg Hughes, said the bill is “not to interrupt (Proposition 2),” but instead “to acknowledge it.” Unlike Proposition […]

Study: Cannabis Smoke Has No Impact on Lung Health

Cannabis smoke exposure is not detrimental to lung health and is not associated with the onset of lung cancer, emphysema, or COPD, according to a new study published in the journal Chest. Donald Tashkin of UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine reviewed dozens of studies assessing cannabis smoke exposure and lung health, involving thousands of subjects. He reports: “Although […]

Authorities uncover massive illegal pot grow operation in Pueblo tied to Cuban syndicate

The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office uncovered an illegal marijuana grow operation involving a Cuban syndicate. The Pueblo Chieftain reports authorities Wednesday seized 340 plants, 70 pounds of dried marijuana product, thousands of dollars in cash and grow equipment, and made five arrests after executing search warrants at six Pueblo West homes. The sheriff’s office estimates […]

Boston Deserves a Cannabis Culture of Its Own

Boston needs a cannabis scene that reflects the region’s unique character. We don’t need to be East Coast Colorado or California-on-the-Charles. The post Boston Deserves a Cannabis Culture of Its Own appeared first on Leafly. Go to Source Author: Marcus Johnson-Smith Puffin’ On Some Good New?! Share Some…

Senator Calls For Lawmakers To Try Cannabis

In a somewhat lighthearted story in this currently charged political climate, Democratic Utah State Senator Jim Dabakis went on Facebook Live this past Saturday in order to broadcast his first experience using cannabis. The quirky senator who is already well known by colleagues for his dramatic flair posted a 4 minute long video in which […]

New York Senate Report: Expand Medical Marijuana Coverage

Two days after New York Assembly members filed legislation that would require certain health insurance programs to cover medical marijuana on Oct. 22, 2018, a report from members of the state’s Senate recommended a similar move. The state should be “expanding health insurance coverage options for medical marijuana as a method to reduce overall usage […]

How Hippie Butler Customizes Cannabis Subscription Boxes

Hippie Butler brings white glove curation to each box in their cannabis subscription service, helping customers build a collection that’s uniquely their own. The post How Hippie Butler Customizes Cannabis Subscription Boxes appeared first on Leafly. Go to Source Author: Leafly Staff Puffin’ On Some Good New?! Share Some…

A Buyer’s Guide to Oregon’s Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Oregon’s cannabis oil cartridge options are abundant, but don’t get overwhelmed—we’ve sifted out the best ones for you to try. The post A Buyer’s Guide to Oregon’s Cannabis Vape Cartridges appeared first on Leafly. Go to Source Author: Matt Stangel Puffin’ On Some Good New?! Share Some…

Cannabis pain relief without the ‘high’

In the wake of cannabis legalization, a team of scientists have delivered encouraging news for chronic pain sufferers by pinpointing the effective dose of marijuana plant extract cannabidiol (CBD) for safe pain relief without the typical ‘high’ or euphoria produced by the THC. Go to Source Author: Puffin’ On Some Good New?! Share Some…

Top 7 Cannabis Strains of the 2018 Harvest Season

Looking for some exciting new crosses? This season’s harvest did not disappoint! Here are the top cannabis strains of Fall 2018. The post Top 7 Cannabis Strains of the 2018 Harvest Season appeared first on Leafly. Go to Source Author: Oscar Pascual Puffin’ On Some Good New?! Share Some…


Medical cannabis user questions quality control in industry

An Edmonton medical cannabis consumer is concerned about quality control in the industry, after she experienced unexpected side effects from familiar strains of cannabis she received from two licensed producers. But Health Canada, doctors and industry insiders say producers face some of the most strict regulations in the world, and say Canada’s legal cannabis is safe. […]


Lowly moss-like plant seems to copy cannabis

Several hundred million years ago mosses and their kin went one way, evolutionarily speaking, and the lineage of trees and flowering plants went the other. Somehow, in the vast expanse of geologic time that followed, a few members of these distantly related groups in the plant kingdom copied one another in making something of great […]


How to successfully detox THC

From time to time, regular users of cannabis may come to the conclusion that it is time to take some time off from enjoying the herb. Perhaps you’re in the job market and want to be ready in case a prospective employer has a drug testing policy for applicants. Or maybe you aren’t getting the […]

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Medical Cannabis Clinic

There are many different resources you can draw on when it comes to medical cannabis. Your doctor or another medical professional may have excellent information for you. You can always turn to trusted online resources, such as those provided by an association, a licensed producer, or a medical cannabis clinic. Go to Source Author: Administrator […]

5 Common Misconceptions about Medicinal Marijuana

Medicinal marijuana has been legal in Canada for the better part of 20 years now. As more research is conducted, many doctors, scientists, patients, and other medical professionals are realizing the potential for cannabis in the treatment and management of a whole host of conditions. Go to Source Author: Administrator Puffin’ On Some Good New?! […]

The Canadian Marijuana Strain Guide

Whether you’re new to medical marijuana or you’ve been using it for some time, you probably know there are quite a few different strains. It’s one of the reasons medical cannabis is considered one of the most personalized medical treatments currently available. Go to Source Author: Administrator Puffin’ On Some Good New?! Share Some…

The 6 Countries Most Likely to Legalize Marijuana Next

By Gene Johnson, Associated Press More than two dozen countries have relaxed their cannabis or other drug laws, and a number could consider legalizing in the not-too-distant future. The South American nation of Uruguay was first to legalize marijuana in 2013. Canada became the second on Oct. 17, 2018, and its size and global standing likely will encourage others to […]

420 Culture

11 Cannabis-Inspired Halloween Gift Ideas

My mom once told me a horror story. She and my dad were hiking one summer afternoon, their foreheads dripping sweat into their eyes. Each step up the side of the Porcupine Mountains was the lovable blend of hot, difficult, and rewarding. As they reached the summit of a peak, they looked out over the […]


Why Your Leaves are Turning Yellow: Part 4

Today, we return to our series regarding the various reasons why the leaves on your cannabis plants might be turning yellow. We’ve already looked at causes such as over and under watering, bud rot, and nitrogen deficiencies. You could also have an infestation, or your pH might be off. What if it’s none of those? […]


Sunset Haze

Information about Sunset Haze: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time Sunsets are truly a sight to behold. Its breathtaking mix of yellow-orange hues with undertones of red and pink that gradually develop into a purple as the night progresses. Sunset Haze colorful buds have the same effect on cannabis enthusiasts. The perfectly […]


Cookie Wreck

Information about Cookie Wreck: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time It is difficult to find fault in a strain like Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). Its buds are absolutely beautiful not only for its stunning colors but also for its heavy coat of trichomes as well. Apart from that, it delivers intense recreational […]


Kessil H380 Spectral Halo II LED Grow Light

Kessil H380 Spectral Halo II LED Grow Light: Light Spectrum How Light Spectrum Affects Cannabis Growth Kessil H380 Spectral Halo II LED Grow Light Cannabis plants have varying requirements, Similar to its nutrient needs during different growth stages, it also has unique lighting demands per growth stage to maximize development. With its ability to switch […]

Does Music Influence Cannabis Plant Growth?

At PotGuide, we love to offer cultivation tips and tricks to help our readers get the most out of their crops. Usually this includes things like choosing the best lights for indoor grows or tips for dealing with pests and contaminants, but today we want to talk about an unusual trend that’s gaining a lot […]

The Cannabis Enthusiast’s Guide to Anaheim

California has been at the forefront of progressive cannabis reform for quite some time now. And with their emerging recreational cannabis market starting to make strides towards a solidified industry it’s never been a better time to experience cannabis culture in California. In cities and places all across the Golden State, people are embracing their […]


Rocky Mountain Blueberry

Information about Rocky Mountain Blueberry: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time Over the years, The Farm has produced some of the most well-loved strains all over the cannabis industry. Among them is Rocky Mountain Blueberry, an impressively potent Indica-dominant bud with wonderful cerebral effects and a soothing body high. It was not […]


LA Ultra

Information about LA Ultra: Effects Fragrance Flavors Adverse reactions Medical Growing Flowering time Indicas are highly associated with the comforting aroma of earth. Meanwhile, Sativas are widely regarded for its energizing fragrance reminiscent of zesty tropical fruits. However, Resin Seeds’ LA Ultra breaks this tradition. Rather than the fragrance of wet soil, the Indica-leaning herb […]


PAR Pro 1100 Watt Hyper Arc HPS Lamp

PAR Pro 1100 Watt Hyper Arc HPS Lamp: PAR Pro 1100 Watt Hyper Arc HPS Lamp HPS advantages HPS wattage 1100 Watt HPS The PAR Pro 1100 Watt Hyper Arc HPS Lamp creates a 2,380 µmol on the galaxy 1000-watt turbo setting. Its unique construction exceeds the micromole levels of than other HPS or high-pressure […]


The Complexities of Patent Cannabis

CANNABIS CULTURE – Cannabis is legal for recreational use in nine states, and is legal for medicinal use in another thirty states. In every other state, it is illegal. Now that it has some legal standing, there are going to be those who realize the monetary potential behind it, and may want to get a headstart […]


Today, a group of new supporters gathered in Detroit in opposition to Proposition 18-1. This group includes: Reverend Horace Sheffield, Detroit Association of Black Organizations Yvette McElory Anderson, Field Director, Fannie Lou Hamer PAC Reverend Dr. Wendell Anthony, President, Detroit Branch NAACP Kamilia Landrum, Deputy Director, Detroit Branch NAACP Bishop Corletta Vaughn Dr. Kevin Sabet, […]

SAM Model State Legislation

The expanded use of marijuana has demonstrated harms to public health through increased drugged driving fatalities, workplace accidents, development of mental health problems, and public exposure to second-hand smoke. The harms are particularly acute for children and adolescents, those with mental illness, those with predisposition to addictions, and pregnant women. The commercialization of marijuana leads […]

SAM Launches New Project on Day Canada Legalizes Marijuana

Today, despite international treaties outlawing the legal sales of marijuana, Canada became the largest sponsor of marijuana in the world, legalizing the commercial sales of the drug. In response, concerned citizens, activists, and public health experts gathered in Vancouver to announce the launch of a watchdog group dedicated to counting the costs of marijuana commercialization […]


Doing it The Right Way: DEA Reschedules Marijuana Medication

(Alexandria, VA) – SAM today applauded the rescheduling of Epidiolex, an FDA-approved medication derived from the marijuana plant that contains 99.9% pure cannabidiol (CBD).   The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) published a notice in the Federal Register that moves FDA-approved drugs that contain CBD derived from marijuana and no more than 0.1 percent tetrahydrocannabinols (THC) from […]

Trump Administration Seeks Public Comments On Marijuana Reclassification

COMMENTS CLOSE 10/31 Please blow this thing up with MILLIONS of quality comments. Dot Gov Pages: International Drug Scheduling; Convention on Psychotropic Substances; Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs; ADB–FUBINACA; ADB–CHMINACA; Cyclopropyl Fentanyl; Methoxyacetyl Fentanyl; para-Fluoro Butyrfentanyl; Tramadol; Pregabalin; Cannabis Plant and Resin; and Eight Additional Substances; Request for Comments Direct Link to Comment: […]


Tuesday, October 23, 2018 Headlines | Marijuana Today Daily News

Marijuana Today Daily HeadlinesTuesday, October 23, 2018 | Curated by host Shea Gunther // Two in Three Americans Now Support Legalizing Marijuana (Gallup) // Chart: Is marijuana already becoming a mainstream industry? (Marijuana Business Daily) // Customers Flag Bulky Legal Cannabis Packaging (Huffington Post (Canadian Press)) Today’s headlines are brought to you by our friends […]


Monday, October 22, 2018 Headlines | Marijuana Today Daily News

Marijuana Today Daily HeadlinesMonday, October 22, 2018 | Curated by host Shea Gunther // Days Into Legalization, Canada Is Already Running out of Cannabis (Leafly (Canadian Press)) // Gov. Scott appeals major medical marijuana ruling (WPBF 25 ABC) // Mexican Government Officials Visit Canada To Learn About Marijuana Legalization (Marijuana Moment) These headlines are brought […]


MGX Minerals announces energy solutions for the cannabis industry

MGX Minerals Inc. (“MGX” or the “Company”) (CSE: XMG / FKT: 1MG / OTCQB: MGXMF) is pleased to announce  its wholly owned subsidiary ZincNyx Energy Solutions Inc (“ZincNyx”) has signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Braingrid Coproration (“Braingrid”) to co-develop and market a packaged energy management product offering for the cannabis cultivation market. The partnership will leverage Braingrid’s software and […]


A pair of high-profile Stanford scientists wants to use marijuana to treat an entire class of diseases

How good is marijuana at treating inflammation, a condition marked by swelling and redness that’s also a cause of an entire class of diseases? Two high-profile Stanford researchers are about to find out. They are specifically exploring CBD, the compound in cannabis that has some medicinal properties and doesn’t get you high. On Wednesday, Jonathan […]


Liberty Health Sciences opens three new medical cannabis education centers in Florida

Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (CSE: LHS) (OTCQX: LHSIF), a provider of high quality cannabis, announced today the planned opening this week of three of its newest Cannabis Education Center (CEC) dispensaries in Winter Haven, FL; Palm Harbor, FL, and Merritt Island, FL featuring free 24-hour delivery service throughout Florida. Opening for the Palm Harbor […]


Aurora Cannabis stock plunges in NYSE debut

Aurora Cannabis, one of the biggest Canadian marijuana stocks, debuted on the New York Stock Exchange Tuesday and it didn’t go well. Shares quickly fell more than 15% before recovering towards the end of the day. Many of Aurora’s marijuana peers were tumbling sharply, too. Investors have been dumping cannabis stocks since Canada legalized recreational marijuanalast […]

Canadian legalization creates opportunities for Colorado marijuana businesses

Nationwide recreational marijuana legalization makes Canada a fertile landscape for ganjaprenuers. While some Colorado companies are already cashing in on opportunities north of the border, the effect on the local cannabis landscape is expected to be mostly invisible to consumers, industry advocates say. People began lining up in the wee hours of Newfoundland time Wednesday morning […]

Canada now world’s largest legal marijuana marketplace

TORONTO — Ian Power was among the first to buy legal recreational marijuana in Canada but he has no plans to smoke it. He plans to frame it. Canada became the largest country with a legal national marijuana marketplace as sales began early Wednesday in Newfoundland. Power was first in line at a store in […]

See How the California Election May Change Cannabis Access

When Californians go to the polls on Nov. 6, 2018, voters in 13 cities and three counties will see significant cannabis-related measures on the state ballot. The measures will begin to address the voids in cannabis availability throughout the state. The interactive map, below, features the measures that could improve cannabis regulation and grant Californians […]

When Will Recreational Dispensaries Open in Massachusetts?

In 1911, Massachusetts became the first state to place restrictions on cannabis, banning any use except as medically prescribed by a physician. Fast forward 105 years to the 2016 cannabis election-year rout, when the Bay State joined California, Nevada, and Maine in the legalization of adult-use markets. And while retail establishments in California and Nevada […]

Poll: 49% in Wyoming Support Legalizing Marijuana, Up 12% From 2014

According to new polling from the University of Wyoming’s Survey & Analysis Center, 49% of Wyoming residents support legalizing marijuana, with 86% in favor of legalizing medical marijuana. (Photo: Cannabis Now Magazine). This marks an 8% increase from 2016, and a 12% increase from 2014. “In 2014 over one-third (37%) of Wyoming residents said they support allowing […]

Utah senator tries a gummy bear ahead of Prop. 2 vote

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A Utah lawmaker drove to Las Vegas and tried marijuana for the first time ahead of an upcoming vote on a proposition that would legalize its use in his state for individuals with qualifying medical conditions. Salt Lake City CBS affiliate KUTV-TV reported Utah Democratic state Sen. Jim Dabakis wanted […]

Why You Should Grow Your Own Cannabis

With marijuana legalization efforts continuing to spread around the world (most recently in Canada) more and more folks have been looking into the possibility of being able to grow their own cannabis from the privacy and comfort of their own homes. There are many reasons as to why one would want to cultivate their very […]

Nearly half of Wyoming residents support adult-use cannabis

LARAMIE, Wyo. (AP) — A new survey found that Wyoming residents have steadily changing opinions regarding the use and possession of marijuana. The Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center at the University of Wyoming conducted the survey Oct. 9-19, 2018, collecting 607 responses from randomly selected state citizens. It found that 49 percent of Wyoming residents […]

9 Ways to Celebrate a 420 Halloween in Las Vegas

Here’s where to go to have fun and pick up some sweet halloween treats in one of the best places to celebrate Halloween. The post 9 Ways to Celebrate a 420 Halloween in Las Vegas appeared first on Leafly. Go to Source Author: Robert Kachelriess Puffin’ On Some Good New?! Share Some…

We[ed] the People: Fight for Your Marijuana Rights Nov. 6!

A quick question for the 420 community: Are you prepared to vote? As American voters count down to the Nov. 6, 2018, general election, it’s essential that people understand that voting is a privilege and a civic duty that should be embraced by every United States citizen — particularly those within the cannabis community. Marijuana […]

What Is Still Illegal Post Cannabis Legalization?

Last Wednesday was a historic day for Canadian cannabis enthusiasts as the country finally moved forward with changes in legislation that legalized recreational adult use cannabis, making them the second country to do so after Uruguay! As you can imagine, this prompted a great deal of worldwide attention as well as celebration for Canadians that […]


Procedural Hurdles for Washington Marijuana Businesses

Some LCB policies make hurdles tough to clear. Regulatory challenges can be substantive or procedural. Substantive challenges include things like Washington’s ban on out of state ownership and its view that licensee royalty payment constitute profit-sharing. These types of rules and interpretations are challenging because, as a policy matter, businesses aren’t allowed to pursue certain […]

Weed Recipes: Marijuana Muffins

Tired of eating the usual brownies and cookies, or just want a healthier alternative for your edible needs? Come check out this relatively easy recipe for tasty and healthy marijuana muffins. Chock full of fiber and delicious super-nutritious blueberries, you really can’t go wrong! They are perfect for breakfast (provided that you aren’t doing anything […]


Sticky Weed: What Is It And Is It Good?

Usually, when it comes to sticky, we are not a fan (sticky fingers, sticky hands, sticky floors, sticky counters…). But give us some sticky weed, and we’re happy as a clam at high tide (no scrubbing required). Those of you new to the canna-experience — and even some long-time canna-enthusiasts — may not be familiar with […]

David Crosby Joins NORML’s Advisory Board

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) recently announced that music legend and avid cannabis enthusiast David Crosby of The Byrds and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, will be joining their ranks as part of its advisory board. The now 77 year old Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter, guitarist, and activist has sold millions […]


Gravity Bong: How To Make Your Own

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Marijuana smokers are some of the most creative people on the planet when it comes to devising ways to get their fix. People build bongs out of snow, fruit, mannequin heads, and old video game controllers. What other culture goes to such great lengths to add […]


Trichomes: The Complete Guide

Source: Are you trying to understand all the convoluted online conversation about cannabis trichomes? What are they? How are they grown? How are they harvested? What’s the best way to consume them? We gotcha! We’ll help you understand what the trichome buzz in the cannabis community is all about. This post will also help […]


The 53 Best Weed Strains

One of the special joys of cannabis is discovering which specific strains your endocannabinoid system prefers. However, currently has 1,762 strains profiled in their database and it’s not uncommon to come across strains you won’t be able to find listed in their database. No one even knows how many strains actually exist because cannabis […]